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Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey Soap

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All-Natural Goat Milk Soaps

Soap is an essential part of your daily life, but it's important to know what kind of soap you're using. For example, people with sensitive skin are especially vulnerable to many of the most common soap additives, including alcohol and petroleum. This can make something designed to keep your skin healthy and clean into something that causes itchy rashes and dry skin.

Oak Hill Soap, LLC recognizes the need for a natural alternative to the chemical-laden soaps that clog most grocery shelves. That is why, in Lampasas, TX, we are happy to produce all-natural goat milk soap for clients all across the country. We can ensure that our craft soaps are suited for all skin types by making them locally and in small amounts.

Made using fresh goat milk from our very own Nubian dairy goats, we deliver fragrant goat milk soaps in a variety of robust scents. We even offer beard oil, lotion, and body butter to complement our quality soap. Once you start using our products, you’ll never want to go back to the storebrand.

2.3 oz. Guest-Size Soap Bar ($3-$5 Value)
When You Purchase 5 Bars of Soap


"Oak Hill Soap is the BEST!! I have suffered with rosacea for several years now and tried numerous medications both prescribed as well as over the counter. I tried all kinds of different soaps but this soap made from goats milk has been a life saver for me. My rosacea is under control. If you have sensitive skin or suffer as I do from rosacea, this is a MUST try!! (The fragrances are awesome as well)."
— T. Martin, Georgetown, Texas 11-2019

Arthritis lotion is amazing. Purchased several for relatives and friends.
My son plays softball and it relieves pain instantly.

___ P. Fisher, Killeen, Texas 1-2020

"I've been buying all their products for almost 10 years now! I will not use ANY other soaps, especially love the unscented goat milk soap for my very sensitive skin. It is great for a face and body soap. I use several of the awesome scented soaps on the rest of my "not as sensitive" body parts, although none of their soaps have ever irritated my skin at all! Their lotion bars are the bomb too! I use them on my dry calaused feet and they perform miracles in softening and moisturizing!"
— D. Vaughan, Wimberley, Texas 2-2020

Oak Hill Soap makes the best homemade products around, from their goats milk soaps to their lip butter and sugar scrubs. I always keep their products on hand. I have a lip condition where my lips don’t produce moisture, I have tried all the over the counter products but they cause me to have a severe reaction. The dermatologist told me to just use Vaseline....yuck! Candy’s lip butter is the only thing I can use and it makes my lips feel amazing! If you have rough and bumpy skin, you have to try their goats milk soap! My aunt said it got rid of her skin problems, so I tried it, no more rough, bumpy or dry skin! Please try these products, your skin will thank you!

___ L. Tunsky, Belton, Texas 3-2020

Thank you so much for all that you do! This soap leaves me feeling so clean yet moisturized and smelling lovely to boot!

___T. Lake, Bastrop, Texas 4-2020

Love your products and service is so prompt and friendly.

___L. Taylor, Millville, New Jersey 4-2020

Received the soaps today. Thank you so very much for the safety mask and the guest bar. Businesses such as yours help make our world a little better with terrific products and kind acts of thoughtfulness.

___M. Burns, San Angelo, Texas 5-2020

I purchased these products for my 8 year old daughter Because she has eczema. When I purchased this soap I was expecting to receive soap that smelled unpleasant, boy was I wrong!! These products are amazing and great for your entire family. I will be a customer for life!

___J. Adams, Belle Rose, Louisiana 6-2020

Nature’s Rejuvenating Power in Your Hands

Goat milk is widely praised for its abundance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are healthy for the skin. By using our own Nubian goat milk as the base ingredient, our craft soaps can moisturize and repair dry and itchy skin—leaving it soft and smooth. That makes them the perfect choice for people who suffer from conditions such as eczema, rashes, and acne. You’ll also find oatmeal-infused soap from our store designed to alleviate irritation caused by sunburn or exposure to poison ivy or sumac.

Our natural soap company has something for everyone, whether you're trying to spice up your personal skincare routine or want to give a nice gift to your friends and family. We encourage you to sample our entire selection of all-natural products. To place an order, please contact us right away.

Purchase our exceptional goat milk soap online today.

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Contact us to learn more about our natural craft soaps. We are based in Lampasas, TX, and we ship throughout the United States.

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